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Teora | Bees for Farmers in Ethiopia

A project from Enactus Ruhr-Universität Bochum e. V.
in Alem Ketema, Ethiopia

Our aim is to teach Ethiopian smallholder farmers modern and efficient beekeeping in order to provide them with a sustainable income. We are initially collecting funds for the pilot project in Alem Ketema, Ethiopia. Donate now!

Sven Pabis
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About this project


A large part of the Ethiopian population lives in poverty. Due to climate change and increasing overpopulation, the situation is steadily worsening.
We have therefore set ourselves the task of making a voluntary contribution to improving the quality of life on the ground.
For this purpose, the "Teora" project was launched.

Currently, beekeeping in Ethiopia is still very traditional. Hollow tree trunks, in which the bees settle, are hung in trees and completely destroyed during harvesting. The bee colony is also often lost in the process.

Our approach
By supporting, teaching and providing modern beekeeping knowledge including equipment, we want to give interested small farmers and traditional beekeepers the opportunity to sustainably improve their financial situation. By founding a cooperative, we also support the project participants in building a long-term distribution network.
Furthermore, the project strengthens the emancipation of women in Ethiopia and the preservation of biological diversity.

In addition to imparting technical know-how, the business context also plays a key role.
The project is also supported by local project partners in Alem Ketema (Ethiopia).


First of all: 100% of your donation goes to the project.

On the one hand, your donation finances the teachers who run the beekeeping workshops on site.
Secondly, we also need the equipment and materials such as protective clothing and beehives.
Furthermore, a small budget for marketing materials is necessary to generate more attention for the project.

In the long run, the sale of honey as well as its by-products will not only cover the costs but also generate a profit. Our most important concern in the implementation of the project is that the project can finance itself in the long run.


Enactus Ruhr-Universität Bochum e.V. is an independently operating German regional association of the international non-governmental organisation Enactus. It was founded in Bochum in 2009 and is geographically located at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum.
Specifically, we are Rabea, Denise, Berkay, Jonathan, Justus, Henrik, Robin, Baver and Sven. :-)

Our project partner
Alexander Bestle is a German journalist and entrepreneur.
He is chairman of ProEthiopia e.V., founder of SEED e.V. and press and public relations officer of the German-Ethiopian Association.
Through his excellent network in Ethiopia, he manages to build new bridges to the East African country.

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