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Project Hope -> Primary School Guinea-Bissau

A project from proneza gemeinnützige GmbH
in Cassalol, Guinea-Bissau

Join us in building an elementary school in one of the poorest countries in the world. Participation of the local people, transparency in the costs and efficient use of funds. Help us to give hope to a whole region again!

Lukas Auer
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About this project

The West African country of Guinea-Bissau is one of the poorest countries in the world (ranked 178 out of 189). 40 % of the population is illiterate, and average school attendance is only 2.8 years.
Lack of educational institutions, no economy to speak of, inadequate state structures, hardly any chance for change.

This lack of perspective leads young people in particular to alcohol, crime or to flee to Europe -> with all the known negative consequences.

Help us to change this hopeless situation directly on site. Together with the people from Cassolol, we are building a new elementary school and thus giving hope to an entire region.
Through the construction we are already creating urgently needed jobs. Through our education we give the youth a chance to find work again. Through the attached technical workshop, we are also providing our students with an additional technical education, and thus the opportunity for entrepreneurship and social advancement.

We see ourselves as a service provider and mediator between you and the people in Guinea-Bissau. We make sure that your donation gets to where it belongs. Together, let's give a piece of hope back to an entire region!

What sets us apart:
  • The village community is integrated into the planning and construction from the very beginning, and makes a tremendous contribution of its own (the land is provided to us free of charge by the community, the entire village helps with the construction work, regular meetings with the council of elders and consideration of their wishes and suggestions)
  • maximum added value locally (architect, mason, project manager, raw materials, teachers -> everything comes from Guinea-Bissau, thus strengthening the local economy and already creating jobs)
  • transparent and efficient (all our salaries are public, all accounts and receipts are available on our homepage)

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