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Udis Birthday Projekt- Leemanam- Für Sie

A project from Keren Hayesod Vereinigte Israel Aktion e.V.
in Jerusalem, Israel

Israel is now home to 174,000 Holocaust survivors, with an average age of 85. One-quarter of them live below the poverty line. Some 1,000 pass away every month. LeMa’anam’s volunteer base includes over 600 physicians from every field of expertise.

U. Lehavi
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About this project

Lemaanam –We cannot  abandon  them.
Join us, for their sake.
Holocaust survivors face a harsh reality, exacerbated by the global pandemic.
Far too often they must contend with ongoing medical neglect.
Our commitment to their dignity and wellbeing, given the dire challenges they face, inspired us to create a medical network dedicated exclusively to their needs.
Since we launched this initiative in April 2020, hundreds of physicians from every field have come onboard to offer their services voluntarily.
Our goal is to provide easily accessible individualized medical care of the highest quality, free of charge, to all Holocaust survivors living in Israel today.
We need your help as partners and donors to meet our goals and support one of the most vulnerable and forgotten sectors of Israel’s society.