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Music open hearts

A project from Musikforum Durlach e.V.
in Karlsruhe, Germany

Actively making music and living values such as togetherness, reliability and consistency is our goal. That is why we make it possible to award musical scholarships for children within the framework of "Music opens hearts".

Andrea Wüstner
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About this project

Awarding of scholarships

The goal of Musikforum Durlach is to actively make music and to convey and live values such as togetherness, reliability and consistency.

Therefore, within the framework of "Music opens hearts", we make it possible for several talented children from Durlach, who would have had only very difficult or no opportunity at all due to family circumstances, to receive free training on an instrument.

"Music opens hearts" is our initiative for social commitment.

With the scholarship, we cover the costs of professional basic musical training + instrument for a period of at least three years. This includes professional private lessons on the instrument as well as participation in the student or youth orchestra.

But it is also about using the power of music to create a zest for life and a sense of belonging and participation in society. The scholarship is an integral part of this initiative.

No money is spent on administrative work - this is all done on a voluntary basis. 
100% of the money donated goes to the children. Part of living in community is, above all, giving children opportunities to develop musical and cultural skills, regardless of their parents' income. 
This needs your donations.

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