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'Bei uns doch nicht!' | Podcast from chronik.LE

A project from Bei uns doch nicht! | Podcast von chronik.LE
in Leipzig, Germany

The podcast 'Bei uns doch nicht!' by chronik.LE is dedicated to current political issues around neo-Nazi, racist and discriminatory activities and talks to affected people. For this work, the presenters need donations!

Steven Hummel
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About this project

chronik.LE documents fascist, racist and discriminatory events in Leipzig and the two surrounding counties. Since 2009, more than 4,200 events have already been documented on the associated website In addition, we regularly publish the brochure "Leipziger Zustände", which offers in-depth insights and analyses of right-wing structures, but also aims to convey the perspectives of those affected. The idea behind the project is that only those who know the ropes can take effective action against neo-Nazis, racism and discrimination.

Since May 2021, the podcast "Bei uns doch nicht" has supplemented the chronik.LE offering. The aim is to make chronik.LE's work accessible in a low-threshold way, also as an audio piece, in order to reach even more people and thus generate more civic engagement.
Each episode of the podcast therefore devotes about 60 minutes to a selected thematic focus. Here the moderators Anna & Eva explain together with selected interview partners political connections and make concerned voices audible. They have already covered topics as diverse as sexualized violence and feminicide, right-wing structures in German security agencies, and neo-Nazi networks in martial arts. In the news section, the podcast also reports on documented events of the past month.

Like the rest of chronik.LE, the podcast "Bei uns doch nicht!" is available free of charge on the Internet. The podcast can be found on Spotify and Mixcloud. In addition, the episodes are already broadcast by some free radios. 

In order to be able to finance further work, the podcast makers - just like chronik.LE - are dependent on donations.