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Bei uns doch nicht! | Podcast von chronik.LE

managed by Steven Hummel

About us

chronik.LE | Engagierte Wissenschaft e.V.
Documentation of fascist, racist and discriminatory events in and around Leipzig.

"Journalism with attitude"

Chronik.LE - is a documentation project with the goal of collecting and analyzing neo-Nazi, racist and discriminatory activities in Leipzig and the surrounding counties as comprehensively as possible.

The work of chronik.LE shows: neo-Nazi activities and everyday racism are widespread in the region. The project was prompted primarily by the increase in right-wing violence and the strengthening of the local neo-Nazi scene in Leipzig. According to findings of the victim counseling service for victims of right-wing violence RAA Saxony, the city of Leipzig was one of the focal points of such acts of violence in Saxony, with 36 assaults in 2011 (previous year: 44 assaults).

The idea behind the project is that only those who know their way around can take effective action against neo-Nazis, racism


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Steven Hummel

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