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maan to develop christian quarter

managed by p. panayot

About us

Who are we?
"" Together "for the development Christians quarter " is a voluntary action committee does not have any goals of political, racial, religious or sectarian. Composed of the sons of Christians lane Jealous upon it and its people where they were born and raised and lived the sorrows and joys their problems. And believing that they can promote them to forward to a prosperous future.

... Message:
Youth is seeking collaboration with the institutions and actors of civil society institutions to change and development and excellence for Harthm and society at all levels, social, spiritual, cultural and economic.


"Together" for the development Christians quarter seeking, through continued development of clean, healthy, warm and vibrant young people mature and Oai far from the sins and obstacles to healthy living


christian quarter jerusalem
jerusalem christian quarter

p. panayot

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