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Integrated Rural Community Development Initiatives

managed by R. Niyonzima

About us


IRCoDI is a Non for profit CBO formed by community mebers in Kisoro District where it’s actvities are based.

As a CBO, IRCoDI has been and is still providing a wide range of professional services including but not limited to Pyscho-social support, counselling and legal advice to disadvantaged people in communities. IRCoDI is dedicated to advocating and lobbying for the rights and welfare of the disadvantaged people in the communities in Kisoro district.

The organisation’s major task is to maximize efficiency by ensuring appropriate professionals are deployed for each challenge facing the disadvantaged in communities.

Like any other charity work, we are familiar with all and are able to deliver in every field highlighted in this profile. We acquaint ourselves with the knowledge of the needs of the disadvantaged in communities and give not only psychosocial support and/or legal advice, but also practical guidance using day to day life and professional experience.

An empowered community.

IRCoDI seeks to promote, protect and sustain rights of the disadvantaged members of the society both socially and economically.

Act, advocate, inform, and celebrate change

Our organisation possesses demonstrated ability, knowledge and expertise to provide all the services to the disadvantaged in communities. The
organisation has sufficient depth of talent and expertise in psychosocial support and other professional advisory services among others. The competencies and abilities are highlighted here below –
 Psychosocial counseling
 Advocacy
 Training and capacity building
 Community based networking
1.6 GOAL
Improved quality of life of the disadvantaged people at all levels through integrated and sustainable development initiatives. This is done considering the following –
At the Community level –
o Strengthening outreach activities through a network of local /community branch offices
o Advocacy
o Lobbying
o Working with other CBOs to –
 Build their capacity
 Project planning and management

At the National level –
o Advocacy
o Lobbying

At the International level
o Partnership with other international and foreign organizations with similar objectives

These objectives are designed in such a way that they lead to sustainability of the projects –

To contribute towards control of spread of HIV/AIDS through:
o Increased awareness on the causes and effects and control of the spread of HIV/AIDS.
o Psycho-social support to the infected and the affected.
o Providing support to the HIV/AIDS orphans.
o Advocating for the rights of disadvantaged communities living with HIV/AIDS.
To promote best practice in the management of the environment through:
o Promotion of energy conservation and technologies among communities.
o Building capacities of communities as to manage protect and sustainably use the environment for development.
To advocate for eradication of poverty among communities through building a society that cherishes good governance and democracy through:
o Increasing awareness and participation in democratisation and good governance processes by disadvantaged persons
o Increase awareness of human rights especially of the disadvantaged persons
o Increase awareness among the disadvantaged groups of the constitution and other laws that govern the country and in particular the land act, the refugee law and the environmental law.
To provide care and support to disadvantaged communities through –
o Psycho social support (counseling)
o Creating awareness on human rights
o Language and skills training
To establish opportunities for staff to engage in research aimed at self reliance in communities for development.

 IRCoDI has been and is still providing counseling to the disadvantaged members of the society
 Resource mobilization to assist the identified disadvantaged people.
 Coordination with other organizations both at the regional, national and international levels for the best management of the disadvantaged.
 Mobilize and sensitize the community on the prevention of both communicable and non communicable diseases (for instance, Tuberculosis, Malaria, HIV/AIDS, and Epilepsy, among others) in the communities.
 Advocacy through–
o Networking with local and international Non Governmental Organisations, Community Based Organisations and Faith Based Organistions that integrate psychosocial support in their activities in supporting the disadvantaged in communities.
o Coordinating with government ministries and/or district departments on how to support the disadvantaged people.
o Conducting public awareness and education about the need to promote, preserve, protect and sustain the rights of the disadvantaged.

IRCoDI cherishes the following as its core values –
o Action; Transparency and accountability; Empathy; Sympathy; Love; Equity; Quality work; Descipline; Team work; Professionalism with integrity; Advocacy; Cooperation through dialogue; Commitment; Pleasure; Torelance; Confidentiality; Change

o HIV/AIDS; Tuberclosis (TB); Capacity building; Human rights; Education/Vocational; Refugees and asylum seekers; Marginalised groups eg. The Pygmies (Batwa), vicitms of Female Genital Mutilation; Children and women; Good Environment management practices, among others.

o People with HIV/AIDS (PLWAs); Children at risk; Women at risk; The elderly; The displaced persons (refugees, asylum seekers and IDPs); Youths in and out of school; other disadvantaged and/or vulnerable members of the Community

At the onset of the project, various events and achievements took place. These included but not limited to –

2.0. 1 Establishment of base offices
Through contributions raised by members, the organisation was able to get an office space in Kisoro town that is currently serving as its offices.

The organisation also was able to open a postal address and an email address to ease on its communication with local and international partners. The organisation’s address is –
P.O. Box 117
Kisoro - UGANDA

0.2 Registration
Though started in February 2010, the organisation was formerly registered in February 2012 under the Kisoro District NGO/CBO Policy, 2010

2.0.3 HIV/AIDS Awareness in and out of schools
With membership contributions and use of volunteers, the organisation was able to carry out HIV/AIDS awareness in and out of some selected subcounties / villages in Kisoro district. Among others, the following are the communities where the awareness campaigns were carried out -
S/N School Division/Sub county District No. of Participants / students
1 Ntaungamo trading centre Nyabwishenya Kisoro 30
2 Mubande vilage Nyarusiza Kisoro 45
3 Gitenderi Primary School Nyarusiza Kisoro 25
4 Rurembwe subparish Nyarusiza Kisoro 37
5 Agasovu Health Unit Nyabwishenya Kisoro 23
6 Mubuga Nyarusiza Kisoro 40
7 Rukongi Primary School Nyarusiza Kisoro 53
8 Kabindi Secondary School Nyarusiza Kisoro 44
Total 297

2.0.4 Networking with partners.
Since our establishment, IRCoDI has established a good working relationship with various partners such as the local government authorities of Kisoro, District and other and/or various government departments, religious institutions.

It is currently involved in extending its noted and close coordination with different international agencies and/or diplomatic missions (Embassies) in Uganda and abroad.

2.0.5 Volunteer program
Volunteers were invited from counseling and community psychology university students both in vacation and graduate job seekers. Ever since its establishment, the organisation has been able to offer a placement to over 25 volunteers. This in a way led to an increase in their experience. To the organisation, it bridged the man power gap that arose as a result of limited funding. The following were the volunteers between February 2010 – February 2012:

1 Robert Muhire Social Worker
2 Albert Mugume Social Worker
3 Evanice Nyiransaba Social Worker
4 Francis Baganizi Social Worker
5 Jackline Kyokunda Social Worker
6 Charles Mugisha Social Worker
7 Godfrey Niringiye Social Worker
8 Nobert Mukasa Social Worker
9 Richard Sseka Social Worker
10 Hillary Kiiza Social Worker
11 Ernest Gato Social Worker
12 Alfred Mugume Social Worker
13 David Nkusi Psychologist
14 Eujene Nsekanabo Psychologist
15 Rogers Nsengiyunva Psychologist
16 Arhtur Gapira Psychologist
17 Patrick Nzeyi Teacher
18 Gerald Kwikiriza Psychologist
19 Margret Kagori Social Worker
20 Abubaker Sirika Social Worker
22 Habert Ssentongo Social Worker
23 Fortunatte Ahimbisiibwe Social Worker
24 Joseph Kamanda Social Worker
25 Sam Iradukunda Social Worker

2.0.6 Friends of IRCoDI (FoIRCoDI)
FoIRCoDI is an initiative which was established to bring together all individuals, groups, organisations and all sorts of well-wishers of IRCoDI.
It’s an initiative that was started to assist the organisation implement and/or publicize its Vision, Mission and Objectives to the general public. The initiative is open to any body who respects its core values. Since its establishment, the initiative has attracted members from various walks of life (both with and outside Kisoro). This also serves as a fundraising machinery for some of the IRCoDI’s day to day activities.

IRCoDI had undertaken to begin/carry out the following activities BUT due to limited resources the organisation was not able to commence on the planned activities. They have however been programmed as its future plans for they are beneficial to the disadvantaged people. The following are the activities –
 HIV/AIDS support and awareness drives
 Support to disadvantaged communities
 Publication and distribution of IRCoDI magazine to inform the public on activities and best practices
 Publication of Psycho-social and related articles in the media
 Establish a resource centre concerning the disadvantaged people.
 To sensitize and promote environmental protection activities within communities.

i. Capacity building for some staff
ii. Support People with AIDS (PLWAs) to receive and deal with challenges related with ARVs and other issues
iii. Acquisition of spacious office premises
iv. Motivation of volunteers
v. Increase HIV/AIDS awareness in communities
vi. Initiation of viable Income Generating Activities
vii. Support to orphans and other vulnerable children in education sponsorship and life skills development in the district.
viii. Training of volunteers on HIV/AIDS dynamics
ix. Provision of office equipment and communication facilities
x. Initiation of Micro-credit/loan scheme facility to boost those needy economically

√ Accountability
√ To receive warm and friendly treatment from a team of brilliant and self motivated professionals
√ Quality work that is done professionally
√ Delivery on time not only of what the disadvantaged require but also with the finest touch of professionalism.
√ Results that will be expediently achieved with instant relief and hope to the disadvantaged in communities.

√ Experienced, professional fighters by your side
√ A proven result oriented team
√ Respect and royalty
√ Understanding and compassion for the disadvantaged
√ Aggressive and efficient representation

IRCoDI holds by-monthly staff meetings to look at performance and review policies. Its Management Committee consists of –
o Director – Programs and Projects
o Finance/Logistics officer
o Child Rights Advocacy Officer
o Counselor
o Consultant (M&E Specialist)


DIRECTOR – Programs & Projects
P.O. Box 117
Kisoro – UGANDA
Tel. +256781446622 (Mobile)
+256717446622 (Mobile)


ICoDI is a community initiative founded in September 2011 with objectives which are designed in such a way that they lead to sustainability of the projects in communities. The following are the objectives:
1) To contribute towards control of spread of HIV/AIDS;
2) To promote best practice in the management of the environment;
3) To advocate for eradication of poverty among communities through building a society that cherishes good governance and democracy;
4) To provide care and support to disadvantaged communities and;
5) To establish opportunities for ICoDI staff to engage in research aimed at self reliance in communities for development.


Kisoro - Muhabura road

R. Niyonzima

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