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managed by M. Michael

About us

wayfindinguganda provides information about Uganda's culture, environment and society.
We have assisted teacher and volunteers who wish to get some valuable teaching experience.
Many have understood the differences in methods (lectures, discussions, and small-group work) for learning to take place.
We assist exchange students to organise events, exhibitions and workshops in Finland and Uganda.

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The current situation of my project

  M. Michael  02 April 2012 at 01:38 PM

I thank better place for the opportunity, which I was given to get known.However, everything seems to be same since I got here.

In general, I will wait not to hurry—with printing the books I have add on my personal savings.

The plan was to produce them (THE BOOKS) before 2012 and I wanted to start with ART AND DESIGN; A COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE FOR CREATIVE ARTISTS.

I need money, if there is anyone willing to discuss with me about the project.Kindly contact me on my email

desperate Michael 

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M. Michael

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