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The purpose of the project is to use Information Communication Technology as a vehicle to assist at risk youth to increase their personal educational levels, increase their income generating capacity, and enhance their ability to contribute meaningfully to the development process in their communities.
Programme category
Youth, Information Communication Technology (ICT), Poverty reduction
Creat emplyment oppurtunity for the rural youth of Kete Krachi in the Volta Region of Ghana
■To improve the literacy skills of 800 at risk youth through the use of computer assisted literacy programmes
■To provide opportunities for youth to qualify for both traditional and ICT based vocational training programmes.

■To empower youth to become ICT resource persons and agents for improved governance in their communities
The proposed Information Communication Technology (ICT Centre is essential to help the young people in Kete Krachi in the Volta Region of Ghana. Through the Centre young people will get free employment related skill build-up training. When the participants will be employed their earning will increase their family economy status. It is expected that, every year up to 600 students will get free training from the Centre. This training will help them to find a job or will start their own business.
The Project will exposing of youth to development programmes and governance issues within their communities
■Training of youth to collect and present information on their communities in multimedia formats
■ Promotion of youth as ICT resource persons in their communities
■ Establishment of Young Teaches for community Change Network.


Kete Krachi in the Volta Region
Kete Krachi in the Volta Region

s. dankyira

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