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Rising Stars

managed by R. Stars

About us

Rising Stars - Non Profit Organization in India focusing on Education, Social Service, Poverty, Economic Development, Health & Environment related issues.

Beginning with a small group of Committed People having passion to serve the society Rising Stars was formed in the year 1997 attempting to transform its beliefs into reality.

We want to empower the vulnerable sections of the society by building their capacities through Education, Health and Skill–based Development.
Rising Stars team comprises of Educationists, Development Professionals, Media Personnel, Corporates, Activists, Civil Servants, Bankers, Professionals and Consultants who all bring their experiences and perspectives to the organization and are unified by the common vision of improving our society. All of them have a dream to eradicate problems from society, for a better tomorrow.

As a philanthropic society, we intend to work with people that have intellectual traits & abilities to contribute to society. When numerous hearts & minds come together, every task & mission becomes easy, comprehensive & accomplish-able.

Our aim is to shower everyone’s life with brightness, love, care and affection.

With above view we started the pious task of imparting moral values to build a generation of High Integrity & Creativity.


•To improve learning and enrichment opportunities for children.
•To improve the quality of life and advance the rights of children.
•To bring about change for good on behalf of children and families, and encourage them to participate in processes which enhance their equality, self-reliance and long term sustainable development.

If you’re an enthusiast with passion to serve society brimming in your intents & if you have not done it yet, then here’s opportunity waiting for you. Join us today.


Navi Mumbai
Navi Mumbai

R. Stars

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