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Piest Hanno Orphanage Home&Academy

managed by H. Piest

About us

Food is the greatest and most basic of needs in the our Orphan Children's. Without a balanced diet the children are unable to grow and mature both physically and mentally. In addition to the basic childhood education for the 100 children at Piest Hanno Orphanage home & Academy in the Kitale Rural, the School also acts as a feeding center. As many as 100 children flock to the Piest Hanno Orphanage home & Academy each day in search of a hot meal. We depends well wishers who have provide us the financial resources necessary to make this feeding program possible.

The school at Piest Hanno have opens for first Term of school year this January and the urgent challenge is how to feed the more than 100 hungry children at school. and at the same time raise teachers wages to allow the children learn and become very hardship. We must urgent pray and act generously to provide the meals for these children at school and the only thing missing is you!...

With your help ! we can be able to move forward and provide food for these children most of which are orphaned by HIV/Aids at school from today and give them the opportunity to concentrate with education and also provide essential tools for these children to succeed.

These can be done through gifts In kind, Cash donations and or providing a full sponsorship to individual orphans etc

Urgent Needs:

For USD. $ 1 you can be able to provide one meal for one child for one school week.
For USD. $ 100 you can provide meals for 100 children at school for one week at the Piest Hanno Orphanage & Academy
For USD. $ 600 You can provide meals for 100 children at school for one whole Month at the Piest hanno Orphanage home & Academy.

Other Needs:

For USD.$ 100 you can help Piest hanno Orphanage home and academy Monthly wages to one Teacher among the four total teachers

For USD.$ 7 you can help purchase a pack of Learning supplies for one child at Piest hanno Academy

For USD.$ 8 you can help purchase English school bible for a child at Piest hanno Academy

For USD.$ 800 You can help Piest hanno Academy construct a Temporal extra Kitchen at the Center

For USD.15 You can help purchase a school Uniform for one child at Piest Hanno Academy

For USD.15 You can help Purchase school shoe for a child at Piest hanno Academy

For USD. 15,000 You can help purchase a school Van for Piest Hanno Academy(Second Hand)

For USD. $ 30,000 You can help build The Piest hanno Academy School 5 spacious Classrooms and staff room(Permanent)

In the event that excess funds are raised for a specific education focus, you can be confident in knowing the funds will be utilized in other areas of education to help break the cycle of poverty.

Prayerfully contact us and let us know how the Lord is leading you to partner with us in this noble causes and whatever the amount or item it will be highly appreciated. Thanks in Advance for your Godly love and action.
Yours faithfully
Pastor Johnstone Sikulu Wanjala
Programme Coordinator
Sima Community Based Organization
PO BOX 1691, Kitale 30200


PO BOX 1691

H. Piest

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