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managed by Juju kaji M.

About us

Heartbeat is a NGO that conducts social activities in Nepal through the participation and involvement of youth.

The organization was formed in 2006 and has been working in the field of arts and social issues since then.

We raise awareness in Nepal on social and environmental issues through art, while helping street-children to quit drugs and find a normal life. We use art as a therapic way to help needy children to go out of the street. We are especially campaigning for Human and Childhood Rights.

In the initial phase the organization was mainly based on the field of arts and worked on the creative art exhibition in relation to the society. Heartbeat has already worked and exhibited more than 10 national and few international art exhibitions and also has conducted various workshops in arts.

The main focus of the organization is to empower the youths through the exposure to different social interlinked activities, capacity building through different trainings and involvement of the youths in the planning and intervention of the social activities.


Maharajganj Nayan Gopal Road

Juju kaji M.

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