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Strategic Organisation for Real Action (SORAK)

managed by M. Kyeyune

About us

SORAK started in 2003, after a gender-based violence study. Over 90% of the women interviewed had been battered and none wished to leave their marriages even in cases of adultery and multiple female partners for husbands. The study findings on domestic violence effect on women rights and vulnerability led to initiation of gender-based violence interventions.SORAK was registered with number S.5914/9203 with mission; “To create a unified voice of women, youths and other vulnerable groups that influences the protection of human rights and opportunities in favor of vulnerable sections in Uganda through capacity building, networking, advocacy, livelihood support and partnership

Latest project news

Adolescent living with HIV/AIDS lives improved

  M. Kyeyune  06 December 2012 at 04:18 PM

With our little funds a total of 10 adolescents have during the months of October to November 2012 equipped with life skills.They are now able to free share thier positive living life with others.

They are also making crafts items which are being sold to earn income.We are eager to engage more adolescents if funds are obtained.Please friends support us.

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Church Road Mulago

M. Kyeyune

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