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hope link development

managed by David O.

About us


HOPE LINK is a non profit community own initiative project, formed to link the community with other players hence address the community Socio _ Economic mitigation. The organization is registered as CBO. Has well management Team of young proficient, talented and skilled individuals with deep knowledge and understanding of community problems and need. The organization has been carrying survey and forums on need assessment.

We currently address challenges as they arise through open dialogues and mobilization. We carry activities that support and develop the child to be resilient and potential members of the society.

The well being of women, widows, widowers, men and youths in the society to have a healthy and transform our community.


• Dissemination of the information to the community through dialogue, forums, workshops, road show demonstrations, outreaches.
• Advocacy on human right, Child abuse, Child, Child neglect, Education, Primary health Care.
• Food Security and Livelihood through capacity building and our own initiated project.
• Micro finance capacity building through revolving funds.
• Care and support to (OVCs) orphan and vulnerable children widows and the aged.
• Manage a pre primary for development of destitute children.
• Hosting volunteers from different corners and backgrounds, who come to work and stay with us.


• To initiate viable project that develop and empower the member of the society.
• To form long lasting partnership with friends, well wishes, donors, locally nationally and internationally.
• T o organize and disseminate information in forums, seminars and dialogues.
• To solicit for more funds for development through fund drive, proposals development, .donations, sponsorship,
• To develop policies that empowers the community in capacity building.
• To work in close liaison with other stake holders through collaborations.
• To establish policies that give holistic approach toward children development through partnership.
• To mobilize the community to action plans.
• To be a player in providing support in education, primary health development and economic well being of the society.

• To be the best organization offering volunteer services to our international community.


We have achieved in mobilizing the community in action plans, forums
Work in close liaison with other stake holders in making policies and forming ground for community empowerment.
Collaborate with friends and well wishers have been enhanced.
Initiating sound food security and lively hood project.
Initiating running SCHOOL for destitute children.
Advocacy and out reaches to disseminate information to the community.


We are faced with challenges such us, drought, poverty, orphanage, diseases especially health related diseases (HIV/AIDS and malaria still become major concerns)
Limited finance and community expectation from the project.
The growing need of the society and meeting the world millennium goal.

Solicit more funds to enables us meet the society growing need and also to work as a team.
Work with other players and experts in achieving of our objectives.
We invite more well wishers join hand in facilitating this course.

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