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Anderes Sehen e.V.

managed by S. Zimmermann

About us

Anderes Sehen (which means "a different way of seeing"), founded in April 2011 by a couple with a blind child, is the first organization in Germany to support blind children in the age before entering school. We claim that it is absolutely necessary to give already those little ones at least the same support as sighted children do receive.

The Situation
Actually blind children in Germany do not have a chance to learn to walk and navigate fearless by themselves due to the fact that they do not get white canes when learning to walk. Also there is not a single book available in Germany for those kids to learn basics of the world in opposite to thousands for sighted children. Also there is no knowledge or training flash sonar to them, which is a proven and well known technique of the blind to orientate and navigate through unknown terrain by tongue clicking and "seeing" the echo-image. Further there is a lack of trust in the possibilities of blind children which causes a restricted mobility and a low self-confidence in their later life.

Our Vision
Anderes Sehen wants to achieve that blind people in Germany can live a life without given limits, but only with their own limits. We help them to get an early education and early self driven mobility. We support a no limits attitude for the children and their parents.

What We Do
In order to achieve those goals we invented a special children's high tech white cane for less than 20€. We researched for suitable books abroad and are currently negotiating with a french publisher to produce them in German. We organize and give trainings for children, parents, teachers and even professional mobility trainers. We send out information, do political work and provide a website with a huge knowledge base.

All this we do as two people, aside to our jobs. We are deeply thankful for any help.

Latest project news

Wir haben 253,49 € Spendengelder erhalten

  S. Zimmermann  08 February 2024 at 09:35 AM

Wir freuen uns, dass wieder eine kleine aber wichtige Summe zusammengekommen ist, um blinde Kinder zu unterstützen. Gerade in Zeiten, wo so wenig für die Inklusion getan wird, sind private Initiativen oft die einzige Form der Unterstützung für ein Kind. Danke vielmals an lieben Menschen mit Herz! 

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