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Kidodo Young Single Mothers Association (KIYOSIMA)

managed by Z. Mbambu

About us

Kidodo Young Single Mothers Association is an organization that was created in 2009 to address the plight of young single mothers Kidodo, in one of the poorest neighborhoods to the south of Kasese municipal council. It was started by a group of 10 concerned single mothers under the headship of Zelina Mbambu. By the time the organization was started, Mbambu was a mother at the age of 19 and owing the various challenges that affected her and realizing that they were many other single mothers just about her age, Mbambu set out to begin this group.

The group's vision is the economic empowerment of the young mothers through skill based training, production of handcrafts and micro finance initiatives to engage in small businesses. Through collective efforts, the group has been able to put a few things on the ground eg buying a few sewing machines, knitting machines, establishing a tree nursery and we are in the process of starting a poultry farm.

One of our other immediate targets also is to start training other young ladies imparting into them skills for their self reliance so as to avoid their engagement in unwholesome activities such as prostitution which is the major income generating activity of many young single mothers with it's associated risks. We recognize that in this era of the HIV/AIDS pandemic, it's worthwhile that women who are mostly prone due to their weak economic position in the society need to take a leading role in identifying ways of how they survive minus men's input into what they need for their daily lives. And the burden of the single mother is especially huge because she has to fend for the needs of the kid as well.


Crescent Road

Z. Mbambu

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