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Let's Be One Hand

managed by Kim Y.

About us

“Khaleena eid wahda” is an Arabic expression that can be translated as “Let’s be one hand.” It is a call for us to join forces and work together because together we are more than the sum of our parts.

Let’s Be One Hand seeks to facilitate a cross-cultural exchange between Muslims and non-Muslims in order to increase understanding and encourage coexistence.

Using an interactive web site and photo installation Let’s Be One Hand connects Muslims and people of other faiths and backgrounds who do not usually have access to or interact with one another.

Let’s Be One Hand artistically presents images and profiles of Muslims beside information about Islam. Viewers are invited to contact the people in the images and add themselves to the installation with the goal of increasing cross-cultural understanding. The web site and installation are comprised of five components: Profiles, Good to Know, [Not So] Silly & Stupid!, Bright Ideas, and Add Yourself to the Picture.

Profiles consist of a photo and snippets of information about the person in the photo. Each profile also includes an “Ask me about” portion in which the person in the photo suggests a topic for discussion in order to encourage interaction.

Good to Know:
Good to Know includes information about and explanations of important components of Islam and what’s frequently referred to as “the Muslim world”.

[Not so] Silly & Stupid!
[Not so] Silly & Stupid! is essentially a “What I always wanted to know but was too shy, afraid, ashamed, or embarrassed to ask…” station for people to pose questions about Muslims, Islam and related topics.

Bright Ideas:
Bright Ideas provides space for responses to the installation and suggestions on how people can continue community building across cultures after the installation is over. The web site is a key means through which participants can remain in contact and continue developing relationships.

Add Yourself to the Picture:
Add Yourself to the Picture invites participants to add themselves to the installation—through words, photos, drawings, or whatever means they wish to express themselves—and to create their own profiles on the web site. Add Yourself to the Picture also provides the opportunity for people who cannot physically participate in the installation to partake virtually.

As part of the installation, a local human rights organization will lead a discussion so community members can share their responses to the installation and the on-line postings. The discussion will bring together members of the community at large, the Muslim community and the artist community, providing the opportunity to not only increase understanding but develop new alliances.

Latest project news

I triggered a (partial)payout for these needs:

  Kim Y.  26 April 2012 at 05:18 PM

We are excited to be entering the next step of web development and hope to have the beta version of our interactive web site operational soon.  Please visit and send us your suggestions.  Thank you for your support!

A donation amount of €200.00 was requested for the following needs:

Funding for Web Site €200.00
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