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Hope-Act Orphanage

managed by G. Chidodo

About us

Hope-Act Orphanage was founded in Nov 2009.I the founder am currently based in USA. Our mission as Hope-Act orphanage is to help Aids orphans achieve their dreams.We help to support the kids from their home where they live with their Uncles,grandparents and their relatives. This program has 24 children. Thes children have lost both parents from a devastating epidemic known as HIV and AIDS.The children live in the Kambuzuma and some are from Warren Park.
Most of the children are in high school and only 4 are at primary school

We provide them with school tuition, school supplies, food,counseling and adequate health care.
Hope-Act if not affiliated to an particular church or organization, We are supported by other organizations,churches and individual well wishers.
We often host fundraising events to suppliment for the orphanage


Kambuzuma drive

G. Chidodo

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