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MUMO Education and Orphanage Centre

managed by Jana G.

About us

Mumo Education and Orphanage Centre through providing education to the vulnerable children of the Mathare/Huruma slum, offering them healthcare and giving their families support tries to improve their life circumstances in the Nairobi slums. MEOC was established in 2009 and is located in the Mathare/Huruma slums along Juja road. The temporal building is made of wood, mud and iron sheets and there is no electricity provided. This means inadequate safety conditions structure of the building.

The project is split into two major fronts: the orphanage, considering the HIV orphans and vulnerable children aiming to get support and assistance. The second front is providing education to the community. The children in Mathare and Huruma are very susceptible to many challenges due to the poverty levels of the area. They are prone to the effects of HIV/AIDS or abuses. Children get beaten or raped so need protection. Their education rights are violated. As their parents set to search for income; they tend to forget them leaving them to the mercies of the slum life. Nonetheless the poverty has even lead more parents to contract HIV and owing to the lack of proper support, they die leaving their small children behind with no care. As a result to these challenges the very idea of a project that addresses these issues and takes care of these children as best as possible considering the slum circumstances of the location of the organization came up.

Currently there are approximately 50 orphans and vulnerable children in the program, out of 81 admitted, who are being supported with non-formal primary education, as well as health and hygiene guidance and counseling. The school needs a long term investment to create a feeding program in order to enlarge the number of children attending classes. A feeding program should provide children a meal during the day as well drinking water and milk. Fire woods, cooking materials (cuttlery) and service materials are necessary to prepare the food, in order for it to be cooked and assured that the children get healthy food.

The Mumo Education and Orphanage Centre has a serious lack of funds. All the problems the school faces are mainly caused by the incapability to pay. Because of this there is no development and a lot of children need support to improve themselves.


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