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stengthening peer education activity in kenyaSPEAK

managed by E. MWINAMO

About us

Strengthening Peer Education Activities in Kenya (SPEAK) is an Independent youth led, not- for profit Community Based Organization committed to undertaking awareness and education programs on Health issues and promotion of democratic governance in Kenya through civic education and engagement and policy advocacy.started in the year 2005 but legally recognized in 2008 under the office of the vice president ministry of culture and national heritage.
SPEAK consist of youths who are well trained peer educator,facilitators and counselors.and highly talented thespians.

SPEAK work in three main thematic areas:which include,(a)HIV/AIDS prevention among the youths and most at risk population.(b)Democratic governance (c)youth economic empowerment.

The organization settled in this main areas so as to have a whole some young adults who is aware of his or her health,knows his or her political rights and is economically empowered so as to be a self reliant individual.
With this stated areas, speak expect to attain its goal of strengthening the capacity of the youth as well as the communities in improving their health and effective participation in democratic governance through peer led approaches and advocacy towards sustaining their social and economic development.

As the name propose SPEAK,believe in the strength of peer education,thus using peer education as the main tool of implementation of its activity,other tools used by the organization to include participatory theater,community forums,inter-cultural activities,sports tournament,trainings,school symposiums,stakeholders consultative meetings,to name but a few.




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