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Radijojo World Children's Radio & Media Network is a multi-award winning global non-profit initiative empowering children to use radio, mutlimedia and internet as tools for global learning and cultural exchange. Radijojo is a Germany based NGO cooperating with schools, community radios, education, youth and culture organisations worldwide. From 2012 on, we turn ourselves into Radijojo World Children'S MEDIA network, to diversify our producations and cooperation forms with partners worldwide. Radijojo World Children's Radio Network has established educative and participative projects e.g. in Afghanistan, India, Sierra Leone, Russia, Kyrgysztan, Thailand, Brazil, New Zealand, Australia, China, Chile, Ghana, Tanzania and Namibia. Radijojo has established the first Transatlantic children's radio platform connecting kids in the US, Canada and Europe, called "Across the Ocean".

In Europe, Radijojo has established the first European Children's Radio EUCHIRA. Radijojo has been awarded be the EU commission, the International Association of Journalists and Internews as one of the 30 top projects in Europe in the field of media and diversity, by UNICEF New York and by the Federal Government of Germany. Patron for Radijojo's European Chapter EUCHIRA is German chancellor Angela Merkel. Patron for Radijojo is conductor Daniel Barenboim. Radijojo is member of the World Association of Community Radios (AMARC).

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Das Frühlingscamp ist eröffnet!

  T. Röhlinger  27 March 2013 at 01:13 PM

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