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managed by T. Raghunadh

About us


Sneha Youth Association (SYA) is a registered charitable organization with the object of engaging in the social development activities aimed at improving the living conditions and general welfare of the rural poor who are downtrodden, underprivileged and marginalized, regardless of caste, creed or community. The main motive of the organization is to help the poor and needy and reach the unreached.

Anna=Food; Dhanam= Giving in charity. Among all dhanams (Charities) Annadhanam is considered the best.

The word Annadhanam in Sanskrit literally means offering or sharing food. The importance of food is stressed in ancient scriptures including Vedas and Upanishads. The Dharma Sastra regards the guest as a ‘deity’ (Athithi Devo Bhava).This is in keeping with the worldwide belief among ancient society that god may move upon the earth in human guise and that one should therefore regard fellow beings with almost courtesy, respect and hospitality, including the offering of food. Annadhanam is conducted with this principal in mind.


We found many unprivileged and dying destitutes those suffering from chronic illness lying on the streets of Guntur. Most of them had neither capacity to walk nor money to satisfy hunger. After seeing their plight Mr.Raghunadh, Tempre Priest decided to start the provide free food to destitutes along with his friends who are committed by mobilizing small donations to carry out this programme. We started this noble programme in a small way in 2006 on the eve of New Year. Since its inception daily we are providing meals to the needy and disabled people with the limited resources at our disposal.


We provide hot, nutritious meals to destitute disabled people of Guntur who are unable to get their own meal. And in order to combat the growing problem of hunger and malnutrition among the extremely sick, beggars, destitute elderly etc. who are immovable will be identified and treated with respect, understanding and compassion.


To provide meals for destitute of Guntur and identified as requiring such support. To assist/support high risk individuals (i.e. frail seniors, disabled, chronically ill and convalescent) who are on the street.


Requests for free food to destitutes service are received from referral agencies, physicians, family members, friends and individuals themselves. The Supervisory volunteer of Outreach services arranges an assessment of need for service for each referral. As and when necessary, a waiting list will be kept and periodic contact maintained with the beneficiaries until service can be provided. A memorial feeding dates will be intimated one week in advance to the donor.


Each hot meal consists of soup, tossed salad and main meal provided continuously.


Volunteers are the backbone of our service and deliver all the meals to the needy. The donors also encouraged participate in the field activity.


The cost is Rs.25/Euro 0.42 per meal. (At the time of starting of this programme the cost of the meal is Rs.10/Euro 0.16 to Rs. 15/Euro 0.25 and due to inflation the price has increased to Rs.25/Euro 0.42 per meal.)


The MOW programme carried out by volunteers. As such, there are absolutely no expenses for us other than for feeding the poor; no salaries, no office rent, etc. This ensures that 100% of your donation is used to help the needy.

Your assistance in this program is humbly requested. You can help make a difference in the lives of countless destitute elders who falls on the street, who would otherwise be facing severe hardships and difficulty. Your personal involvement in this most important service is necessary to enable us to carry on these activities.

You can help to advance and strengthen these important efforts by making a gift. You may choose any one of the following to make a personal, memorial, honorary, or special occasion donation.


Give a gift in honor of a living person. You will be able to identify the person, as well as provide us the name and address of the person being honored so that we can notify them of your gift.


Give a gift in memory of a deceased person. You will be able to identify the person, as well as provide us the name and address of the person(s) to be notified of your gift.

With a noble intention to provide free meals to destitutes, the organisation has proposed to pool up funds.

Chief Patron (Maharaja Poshaka) Euro 1667
Patron (Raja Poshaka) Euro 833
Donor (Poshaka) Euro 167
Supporter (Dhataalu) (an amount of your choice)

Donors may prefer their birthdays, marriage days, in memory of their kith and kin, etc while choosing the days the FOOD DONATION to be performed.

Yours, in the service of God

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Free Tuition at Evening Timing

  T. Raghunadh  06 September 2012 at 05:17 PM

We are conducting free tuition classes to academic weak students.

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T. Raghunadh

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