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managed by Carmen M.

About us

ACTIVE AFRICA is an NGO founded by a group of Barcelona-based women concerned about the crisis situation of the countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, and seeking to help in any way possible.

We founded ACTIVE AFRICA in May of 2004, after a three month stay in St. Mary´s Rehabilitation Center Mission in Malawi. The missionaries of Maria Mediatrix shelter and feed more than 160 “AIDS orphans”, another 500 local orphans, and 500 senior citizens. They operate a 50-bed medical hospital, the only such facility in the area.

The work of the missionaries is impressive, but the challenges they face are so great that we decided to create ACTIVE AFRICA to help them from here. Ever since we returned we haven’t stopped thinking about how to help, and thanks to the confidence and enthusiasm of many friends, we’ve been able to do a lot and hope to continue to do much more.

Today, we continue to personally visit the projects not only in Malawi but also in north of Kenya. Our priority is education in rural zones –most of all for children and women- and, in general, giving tools to people to become self-sufficient but, in such a poor countries, to help in the rest of essential areas, like health care or nutrition, is required.


-To know before acting
-Because we want to be a strong and safe bridge between our world and Africa.
-Because all the support we are able to raise here must be channelled there effectively.
-Because 100% of donations must arrive directly to people who need it.
-To guarantee that all the information we give is first hand.

We want to multiply and strengthen the pillars that support this bridge between both worlds, to cross the bridge as often as needed to bring both sides closer together, and to understand and help.


Balmes, 266. Bajos

Carmen M.

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