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The European Intercultural Forum is a non-profit organisation which operates on a local, national and international level in the field of European youth work, intercultural learning, arts and culture, European citizenship, youth mobility, conflict management, and human rights education. It aims to foster young people's skills and knowledge through education and activism and to contribute to intercultural understanding and tolerance in Europe and beyond.

The European Intercultural Forum, set up in autumn 2009, is based on several years experience acquired by its main employees working on cultural and youth issues. Based in Berlin, the organisation aims to act as an exchange platform between cultures from the west and from the east. Its main members are young adults living in Berlin.

The European Intercultural Forum is a non-profit and non-political organisation which operates on a local, national and international level in the fields of European youth work, intercultural learning, arts and culture, European citizenship, youth mobility, conflict management, and human rights education.

We offer non-formal educational programmes such as youth exchanges, training courses, workshops, seminars, study visits, and volunteering programmes to enhance the skills and competences of young people or youth workers. Our main target group is motivated young people who are eager to get engaged in intercultural projects, but we also work with children, disadvantaged youngsters, qualified young adults, minorities' groups, internally-displaced people and disabled people.

Examples of recently implemented or current initiatives:

- Youth Exchange “Creativity in Conflicts - The power of youth in conflict resolution”: 40 young people from Russia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Italy, Bulgaria, the United Kingdom and Germany met in Georgia for 9 days in Sept. 2011 to discuss the role of youth in peace-building processes.

- “Mobility and European Citizenship - Implications and Interrelations”: the 9 months long project allows youth and social workers from Czech Republic, the UK, Poland and Germany to reflect on the impacts of youth mobility programme granted by the European Commission. The project featured a trans-national conference in January 2011 in Berlin and four multiplying events in the four involved countries. Financed by the Europe for Citizenship programme of the EC.

- Volunteering Project “Bring about the Change - International Youth Camp Georgia”: five volunteers from Germany with five other volunteers from Slovakia will support renovation of cultural heritage monuments in July and August 2011 in Georgia. They will present a theatre performance at the end of the renovation process int he Guria Region, Western Georgia. The project is supported by the European Commission (under Youth in Action).

- Volunteering Project “Let’s give a change and a chance”: two young German volunteers support the non-governmental organisation Crossing Roads in a secondary town in Armenia by implementing activities with youth with fewer opportunities, in the frame of the European Voluntary Service, 12 months until Nov. 2011

- Study-Visit “Discover the Caucasus - Volunteering in Georgia”: about 30 youth and social workers from the European Union countries and Eastern Europe and the Caucasus will gather during six working days in Georgia to discover the reality of volunteers on the spot. Hosting organisations for local and international volunteers will be visited. Time will be allocated for reflection and setting up guidelines, tips and recommendations for organisations involved in volunteering projects with the Southern Caucasus. The project takes place in October in Georgia (various locations) and is supported by the Youth in Action programme.

- Training Course “Europe and Islam - Misperceptions and Potentials”: the training course will gather 28 youth workers from EU, SEE and EECA to discuss the role and place of Islam in contemporary Europe. Additionally the youth and social workers will be equipped with tools and methods to work on interreligious dialogue in their local communities. The training will take place in Azerbaijan in January 2012.

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