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mtwapa creek management trust

managed by E. Chando

About us

The formation of Mtwapa creek management trust 8years ago was necessitated by the increase pressure and degradation of the frangile marine ecosystem and biodiversity of mtwapa creek and cutting down of trees by farmers in the rich cotton black soil in kilifi county and unsustainable fishing practise were major concern. Kilifi county is faced by a number of environmental challenges ranging from pollution,soil degradation,poor waste management and most prominetly deforestation.Currently kilifis forest cover is less than1.9%,yet the national starndards demand that 10% of thewhole county be left for forest reserve a feet that has proved elusive both to the communities,local and central governments.It is against this back ground that kilifi county stands out as one of the key areas highly affected by the human environmental despoliation a context which continues to threaten livehoods,animal and survival and wellness ofr local people.



E. Chando

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