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The African Future

managed by B. Martins

About us

TaF was established in 2007, as an organization that would mobilize the youth and greater Diaspora to help improve the standard of quality for both health care facilities and educational institutions in Africa. Since establishing the organization, Co-Founders Hibak Kalfan, and Abdi Ahmed have decided to collaborate their humanitarian efforts along with a multimedia model. They believe the lack of true documentation has allowed for corruption and lack of accountability. TaF’s model will include video documentation of all projects as well as the organizations progress throughout their chosen regions. Along with their multimedia model, their organization will engage the greater Diaspora to become involved in both the expansion of the organization, as well as the execution of projects. TaF is currently working with both local and international NGO’s along with youth, and a larger adult international community

TaF’s Co-Founders first embark to Somalia was one of shock and awe. In early July 2007 they traveled to Somalia to film the documentary, “The Forgotten Struggle”: Their trip had two purposes, to document the struggles the doctors, nurses, and patients face on a daily basis, and to answer the question, “How can we at TaF do our part to help improve the quality of life of Somalis?” After traveling through parts of Somalia, they discovered the problems that Somalis face in the health care field were greater than they had imagined. Since returning to North America, they have begun spreading the awareness through documentary screenings, and have also begun developing future programs and projects based on the request of local partners in Somalia


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