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Sop Area Students' Association SASA

managed by Mainsah Gilbert S.

About us

With the celebration of 25 years of existence SASA is looking forth to accomplish its most prestigious project “village multimedia centre” with reasons being to instill the culture of reading amongst the students and the entire population of Sop community. We equally want to meet up with the new pedagogic approach in our academic milieu given that parents lack adequate funds to cater for their children’s needs.
We will be greatful to receive novels from personal shelves to add to the ones we  got from the U.S Embassy Yaounde Cameroon. We are having an encouraging number of books from the United States Embassy Yaounde Cameroon ranging from U.S current global financial situation, novels, history and geography of the United States with some extensive readings in grammar like pocket Theraraus.                   The centre is located at Sop opposite the market square. The accommodation is large for the centre but there is the need for renovation.  
In view of the forth coming 25th anniversary there is the need to organize a football tournaments that will bring students from and around Sop together.



Mainsah Gilbert S.

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