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Womens Future Benefit

managed by K. Elsayed

About us

Womens Future Benefit is: Connections That Balance The World. We connect women, orphans, children and disabled artisans to fair trade markets, all without charge. We work hard to help our clients make vital connections to the people who can change their lives for the better. By collecting information about our clients crafts, we are able to direct their items to the proper fair trade outlets who are looking for just that item. We are a totally volunteer organization that does this with only the donations we receive from people like you. We do not have grants or other funding sources.

Womens Future Benefit Advocates for our clients. Our web magazine provides stories about life without fair trade, such as child labor, sweatshops & human trafficking. We hope that by educating people, they will embrace a fair trade lifestyle and help us to continue our connections with their generous donations.


PO Box 8094
Atlantic City

K. Elsayed

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