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Masisukumeni Women's Crisis Centre

managed by T. Sideris

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Background and Aims of Masisukumeni Women’s Crisis Centre:
Masisukumeni Women’s Crisis Centre officially started its programmes in August 1994. The centre was founded by Ms Rachel Nsimbini Nkosi and Dr Tina Sideris to provide support and assistance to survivors of gender based violence and through community based public programmes to advocate against sexual violence. Masisukumeni Women’s Crisis Centre is located in the Nkomazi region of Mpumalanga province of South Africa. Masisukumeni services amongst the poorest and most marginalized women and children in the country.
We work to eradicate violence and discrimination against women and children and prevent HIV/AIDS, by providing counselling, information, education and paralegal services to survivors of gender related violence and to the wider community. Our interventions aim to achieve gender equality through challenging discriminatory social beliefs and practices, ensuring access to legal and human rights, social services and medical treatment for HIV/AIDS.

The centre assists an average of 1500 people per year through its counselling and para legal programmes and exposes over 3000 people a year to information.


Stand 2 Tonga Nkomazi East
South Africa

T. Sideris

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