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Kaswanga Initiative for Community Help (KICH

managed by S. Waziri

About us

African Child In Need is a Non-Governmental, Non profit making, Non Political Organization with TWO Orphanages, RUSINGA Children's Home in KENYA District and Caring House Project Rusinga in MBITADistrict one of the remote Villages in World. It is Child centered NGO operating in the third world Country KENYAAfrica to long-term sustainable health, Education and Child support, prevention and protection of child abuse and neglect, through strengthening, implementation of activities in areas of advocacy and service delivery,working with children and communities for sustained impact. dedicated to the reduction of suffering, elimination of extreme poverty in the world poorest villages. The organization strives to achieve lasting improvement in the quality of life of children through processes that unites people across cultures and add meaning and value to their lives, It was founded by movement of believers (Christians) passionately concerned for destitute children. As a country KENYA fighting to survive the abject poverty and despair, gripping,death, grieving parents, hungry children and utter hopelessness. Twenty years since the on set of HIV/AIDS has been attracting head lines in kenya trapped in accelerating AIDS spiral. Many health workers however, believe that the figure is much higher and warn that the infection rate may explode as the disease spreads out of high risk groups into general population. Aids has passed the percentage margin judged to be the thresh hold of general epidemic. Children suffer imaginable trauma & Psycological pains as they witness the prolonged death of their parents. Increasing number of children are faced by death of one or both parents to assume responsibility not only for their own lives but also for those of their young siblings after which tragic consequences for their rights & development. The challenge is their for to think & act beyond the disease itself & focus on the faces of infected & affected children by HIV/AIDS, one voice,many faces, united for life. MISSION We devotedly stand as advocate for destitute children, using God given resources to release them from the bondages of poverty and enhance their academic status,give health car........



S. Waziri

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