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Nurturing uganda

managed by ivan W.

About us

Nurturing Uganda
Nurturing Uganda is a civil organisation located in Jinja District in Kakira subcounty in the eastern part of uganda with a vision to break the cycle of poverty in households.
As a response to contribute to the welfare of the communities around the eastern region,nurturing uganda has come up to offer a holistic approach for this cause. at nurturing uganda we look at the whole human being breaking free form the cycle of poverty. we focus on child sponsorship and already have 50 students sponsored,due to the increasing need we are targeting 10000 impoverished yet bright students,releasing them from poverty through education up to university. so that they become financially independent citizens who will give back to their community.
our other focus is empowering widows and vulnerable people esp the youth and widows,by helping them become responsible persons in their communities. we are looking at micro enterprises(small loans with very low interest,income generating activities like making crafts, mushroom growing,theres a big market for mushrooms locally, silk farming-theres a big potential market for this. we are looking at these activities as a way of empowering the local pple so that they can be financially independent.
then lastly we are looking at different skills that can help the youth be usefull to their communities by becoming self employed. by teaching them skills such as brick laying,carpentry, music dance and drama,nursery teaching,hair dressing.
on the humanitarian we are responding to the great need that the AIDS scourge has created, there are countless numbers of HIV positive people and children,we would like to provide them with food stuff and psychologocal help they need to survive.
Since we are a young organisation we need your support to thrive!! thank you for stopping by hope to hear from you. you are welcome to as any question.


kakira town council