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About us

In today’s world we feel the need to offer a meeting point—a sofa—where culturally relevant communication can take place. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to experience a different culture, unhindered by monetary, physical, or temporal constraints.

CultureSofa will help people become a part of the online community using already existing open source software, as well as offer on-site training in fundamental cultural communication skills. Additionally, we will also offer training in media competency and provide them with the necessary technical means to participate in the project.

We will identify and connect groups of diverse cultural backgrounds that will communicate through the Internet. Cultural groups will be able to collaborate on media projects to produce digital material about their lives and experiences. While working on the media projects together, the groups will be able to practice the skills that they have learned. The digital materials that are produced during the course of the projects will be published under a Creative Commons License on the Internet to contribute to the open and free Internet.

In the future, CultureSofa will also initiate projects that are tailored to groups with specific interests (e.g. foreign-language students, women issues, people looking to explore their heritage, speakers of endangered languages).

CultureSofa is a nonprofit organization.

If you are interested in working with us, please write to Grit Matthias:


511 N Tioga

G. Matthias

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