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managed by B. Hilary Ndingi

About us

NDINGICAM EQUITY is a non-governmental organization which was created five years ago.It was created on the 16/12/2010 with registration number 511/L/G4004/161/S2/PS with its headquarters in Mundemba.
The main objective of the organization being poverty alleviation and socioeconomic integration. Poverty alleviation is not in the sense of profit making but enriching people who are poor in terms of knowledge in areas of advocacy, human rights and environmental education.
The organization is made up of two kinds of membership- active members and honorary members. Within the active members we have individuals and community based organizations working with us.
The paid staff of the organization are very professional in their various fields of specializations backed by their huge experience. In addition to the paid workers, there is always a team of dedicated volunteers ready to be deployed to execute tasks and missions assigned to them.
In NDINGICAM EQUITY, we believe that to whom that much is given much is expected and that service to man is service to humanity.


Mundemba street five
Mundemba south west

B. Hilary Ndingi

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