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Cinéma sous la Lune

managed by M. Faidherbe

About us

“Cinéma sous la Lune” launches a new project of mobile cinema for Morocco villages whose inhabitants are deprived of access to cinema and other means to opening to culture and art, other than the ones existing locally, mainly for the regions far away from the capital city.

A special care will be taken for regions and communities determined by the IER (Instance Equité et Réconciliation – Equity and Reconciliation Commission) to be under a community reparation program due to the after-effects to political violence crisis and human right violations that followed (Rif, Figuiq region, Tazmamart, Agdez-Zagora, Middle atlas, etc.)

The project consists in presenting films whose main themes will be linked to human rights, especially, women's rights, development, health promotion, mother mortality prevention, AIDS, but also in arousing (back) love and interest of people towards cinema (fiction, documentary, musicals...), presenting quality films.

The project team, in partnership with Moroccan NGOs working in the Human Rights field, will drive to villages, and show films directed by Moroccan and non-Moroccan film-makers, in order to be a mainstream of discovery, of knowledge, of openness to the world, its diversity and its treasures.

After each projection, the Moroccan NGOs will organize discussions and debates around specific human rights (women, children, migrants, political, etc.)


rue de Mazy 13

M. Faidherbe

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