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managed by L. Ngoe

About us

The Research Institute for Development, Communication and School Partnership (RIDCSP), is a Non-Governmental, Non-profit, and Non-political organisation founded in Cameroon in 1999. This organisation obtained authorised status on the 14th of November 2001 following the government recognition of its activities.

This organisation operates in the rural and urban areas of Cameroon. Broadly speaking, its aims are to coordinate the exchange of ideas and opinions between students and teachers of schools, to alleviate poverty, to eradicate illiteracy by setting up libraries in rural and urban areas, to fight against the spread of HIV/AIDS through the promotion of health education, as well as to promote sustainable development. It equally engages in the promotion ICT and of human rights in Cameroon, with main focus on women and children.


Kumba Town
P.O. Box 3
Kumba, Meme Division