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Cambodian Kids Foundation

managed by S. Cooper

About us

The Cambodian Kids Foundation is a not for profit organisation and a registered Cambodian NGO.
Our foundation aims to educate and empower the people of Cambodia through a number of projects that ensure maximum sustainability and success.

In particular our foundation looks to the future and the creation of a better Cambodia for it’s people. We believe that in order to change the future for the better we must nuture and empower the youngest generation, the next leaders of Cambodia. We help the people from a grass roots level, ensuring all of our projects are sustainable and headed by the Khmer people with us working closely beside them.

What’s different about our foundation?
All of the people who work for our foundation in Australia are 100% volunteers, we work hard for the foundation because we believe in the dream of a better Cambodia for it’s people, not for any financial or personal gain. Our foundation is not just your typical NGO, we are a family. We want nothing but the best for each and every beautiful individual and family that we work with in Cambodia....and best of all we can ensure you that 100% of your donation goes to these beautiful Cambodian people because we don’t take any out for admin, airfares, advertising or salaries.

At the Cambodian Kids Foundation we aim to change lives and at our foundation we have a dream, a dream of a better, bigger and more beautiful future for Cambodia and the families that we work with.


144, GE0, Street 143
Phnom Penh

S. Cooper

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