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Badilisha Self Help Group.

managed by E. Odula

About us

Achieving Millennium Development goal No 1 :Eradication of Extreeme hunger and poverty , as was espoused by United Nations is not achievable for Rusinga Island inhabitants ,since there will be no motivation for development among the poor if extreeme hunger is not alleviated or eliminated .Extreeme hunger amongst children in Rusinga island is horrifying ,it has put households into vicious cycle of poverty and starvation.Most families has witnessed food defficiency ,with mostly affected households spending 1400 kilocalories per day and this is far much beyond the 2250 required per day,with the estimated poverty line being between kshs 1239 to 2648, aproximately adollar aday.The most affected are the orphans and vulnerable , who have to study with their empty stomachs.
The feeding project proposed by badilisha is a precusor towards amelioritasion of the sever impacts of this hunger and starvation.The project intends to provide asorted food stuffs for lunch at badilisha feeding center.The project currently targets 65 kids,but the number is expected to grow with time ,owing to high demand.We are in need of amonthly support of kshs 45,000 -400 Euros to be able to adequately feed these childrenn and we appeal for wellwishers and volunteers who would be wiling to help with creating the linkages and pomotion of this project to be able to rescue the situation.


mbita,rusinga island

E. Odula

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