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Bungamati Foundation Nepal

managed by Sukha B.

About us

Bungamati Foundation Nepal is register non government and non profit organisation working in education, sanitation and environment. It was established by local youth wha are committed to uplift life of local people through education, Income generation, sanitation, environment.
Bungamati Foundation Nepal supports poor, nderprivileged, marginalised children, community people to get education and empowers to improve living standard. It also supports to improve school manage, community toilet, dust and grabage management. It also awares women, children on thier basic rights. It also awares community people on health, environment.

Latest project news

Sponsor a child

  Sukha B.  07 March 2013 at 02:47 AM

Sponsor a child :


Per year 40 Euro for a child


Children get books, dress, shoes and bag for education.


Your support gives a child developed.

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Sukha B.

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