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Wakka Center (Disabled Rehabilitation Center)

managed by N. Forbi

About us

WAKKA CENTER is a national and international rehabilitation and resource center for children with disabilities, brain injuries, speech and vision impairments, or hearing loss. It offers comprehensive, lifelong services. Its wide ranging programs include physical rehabilitation, community living skills, vocational training, camping and recreational programs, mental health and family support services designed to empower people with disabilities to reach their full potential in every aspect of life. It also offers selected services at client homes and dozen sites across the region.


To enable children with disabilities who require our support to enjoy a valued life.

To improve the material circumstances of children with disabilities.
To meet the need of children with disabilities.
To educate and train children with disabilities.
To equip at least 75% of children with disabilities on vocational training skills.
To improve the status of education by integrating children with disabilities in the educational milieu.
To bridge the gap between non disabled children and children with disabilities.


-Autism Spectrum Disorder.
-Blind -Visually Impaired.
-Deaf Blind.
-Deaf and Hard of Hearing.
-Developmental Cognitive Disabilities.
-Development Delay
-Emotional or Behavioral Disorder.
-Physical Impaired.

WAKKA, offers a range of opportunities for children with disabilities in areas throughout Cameroon and abroad. If you would like to volunteer with WAKKA, there are many different options available for you.


Ntarikon ,Mankon

N. Forbi

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