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Partnership for Africa

managed by E. Mwangi

About us

Partnership for Africa is a 501(c)3 Nonprofit that to improve the quality of life for these Kenyan orphans through education and support relating to daily needs and sustenance to academically promising, gifted or talented orphans. Our future plans include constructing an orphanage and school with a kitchen, multi-purpose room and farmland in Kiamunyi, Kenya.

PFA fosters a community approach involving community members, faith based outreach, schools and orphanages to create a safe, fulfilling and academically enriching environment that fosters independence and responsibility. We have the backing of high ranking government officials and village elders willing to work with us for the success of our plan.

Children from all tribes would be encouraged to apply and be considered for entry to the school and orphanage.

To help promising Kenyan orphans who have lost parents to HIV/AIDS, financial instability, and other diseases by providing them with education and the spiritual, physical, and emotional assistance needed to foster their growth into productive and successful adults.

The PFA Kiamunyi Orphanage & Academy would truly be a gathering place for tribal unity through its children and strategic location. A myriad of opportunities exist to network and garner community involvement with higher education, churches, tribal celebrations and more.


Nakuru-Kisumu Road

E. Mwangi

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