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Designers against AIDS

managed by N. Murk

About us

Designers against Aids (DAA) is a project of non-profit organisation Beauty without Irony that was founded in 2004 to raise HIV/AIDS awareness in the international media and towards the general public, more specifically towards young people in the industrialised countries. We do this by asking famous and emerging fashion designers, musicians, artists and other celebrities to create designs that we then print on items such as t-shirts, sweaters, underwear, beachwear, condom boxes, ringbinders, etc and we also take part in collaborations, most recently with H&M in 'Fashion against AIDS' that was sold in 29 countries worldwide.
The DAA logo -that's part of every item- features our website url, enabling people to find recent information on HIV/AIDS on the 'Links' page there.
The DAA fashion collections are made of organic cotton in a Fair Trade community in India with the help of German company Sense Organics.

Latest project news

Welcome to DAA!

  N. Murk  05 December 2008 at 05:45 PM

When a German friend of mine pointed out and I had a look at the site I was pleasantly surprised, as this idea allows people to get involved and help out in a pleasant way and also to widen their network.

I founded Designers against AIDS in 2004 when I noticed that many young people don't know or or care about HIV/AIDS anymore- probably because they don't know enough of the disease. And that's not very surprising, seeing that the last global AIDS camaigns took place in the '80's!

At DAA we use popculture to get the safe sex message accross, using celebrities from the worlds of music, fashion, art, sport, film etc to reach young people. That this approach works, was proven by the collection 'fashion against AIDS' that we did earlier this year with mass retailer H&M, who sold the t-shirts -designed and promoted by stars such as Rihanna, Timbaland, Ziggy Marley and Rufus Wainwright- in over 600 stores in 29 countries, including China, the United States and al over Europe.

A good way to gauge interest is to count the amount of persons who visit our website where they find practical info and the latest news: in our first weeks we got around 5 visitors a day, nowadays it's closer to 4000 poeple a day- or 120.000 a month.

Our most recent project is our international education center, about which you can read more elsewhere on this page. We hope you want to get involved!

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Designers against AIDS

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