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women and child rescue misson

managed by j. karuri

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number of chlidern rescued so far and we are working on women with HIV/AIDS

  j. karuri  01 June 2011 at 09:31 AM

we have resuce 10 children from the street of Nakuru town and we have stared a feeding progamme to give them food and counselling them to join school, at the centre we are teaching them few thing like maths,and other activitise, we  have 3 women  who are  HIV/AIDS  who are now able to work  after  being  bedrined   for three  months,Main objective is the sustainable improvement of the access to education and information by construction of a training center and creation of a diversified range of learning opportunities.The women and child resuce for Africa turns the concrete realization of human rights of all people into the most important topic and objective of education. The learning process shall be designed together with the attendants in respect of their respective living context. Youths in kenya shall be accompanied in a decisive period of their lives that influences their future developments.Every sixth week 50 pupils shall profit on the coaching. Here the project follows a preventive approach in order to counter school weariness and school dropouts. By using a great variety of methods to improve the study and working atmosphere and new experiences in pedagogic arrangements, the motivation and eagerness to learn, as basic precondition for a successful graduation, will be increased.Illiteracy programs, language courses, workshops on artistic, professional and technical know-how will be implemented for school leavers and young adults who haven’t got any possibility to study in kapetmbwa up to now.The siums people shall be provided with 12 computer working places with internet access. By running a shop and internet-café and providing fee-based activities, the training center earns money to realize free IT-courses for the village people and to ensure the payment of the running costs of the training centre

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