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Nyendo orphanage centre

managed by s. Amisi

About us

Nyendo orphanage centre is a community based organization of centre Uganda in Masaka District .It started operating in 2010 and at the moment it has about 22 orphans ,boys and girls .The orphanage deals with taking care of all in terms of school fees ,cloths , hospital among others .Further the orphan can also take vocational classes like computer training , agricultural , building and concrete practice from different technical schools . The neighboring communities are benefiting from the orphanage services for example , reducing street kids , providing education to poor families .

Most of the young people in Masaka District have best chances being employed after education though they luck funds . This is why I came up to create appropriate place for the training and providing accomdamation to the orphans . The orphanage wants to strengthen the orphans’ abilities by improving their knowledge and skills in order to start there own income generating activities .


Nyendo ,Masaka

s. Amisi

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