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TSiBA Education: Entrepreneurship Centre

managed by P. Kraan

About us

Igniting opportunity in the South Africa’s Western Cape, Tertiary School in Business Administration (TSiBA Education) is a free-to-student tertiary level institution that offers an enriched Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) program. The first full scholarship institution in South Africa, TSiBA Education develops future leaders out of the country’s talented, historically disadvantaged youth through developing students beyond the academic core. TSiBA Education ignites growth in individual students at all levels - character, academic, professional and social to engage in experiential learning in the business world.

In the TSiBA Education curriculum, we emphasize the development of entrepreneurial skills. To put this spirit into action, TSiBA Education runs an Entrepreneurship Centre for upper-class students to gain hands on experience in business consulting for local start-up businesses. These local entrepreneurs, from impoverished areas of Cape Town, break the cycle of operating on charitable hand outs to become self-sustaining, successful businesses that contribute to the nation’s economic and social well-being.


Forest Drive Ext.
Cape Town
South Africa

P. Kraan

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