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International Library for Peace

managed by P. Ann

About us

I am a single mother from America, who has chosen to raise my children in Greece. The one beautiful concept that I have taken from my years as a mom in the states as well as Japan, are the libraries. I think that reading/knowledge is the most powerful tool in the world and this is the key to peace. We must start young; children spending quality, peaceful time in a library with a variety of activities to do there and to be able to take books home to read and enjoy is so precious. In Greece they have very small libraries mostly broken down, not open for the children to visit and if you can find a large one you are not able to take the books home. I have started with an eco-friendly building, with a peaceful place in the middle for people to enjoy a coffee and read.My goal is to offer not only Greek, English, French and German books but also extra help with school lessons, as it is very expensive for parents to put their children in these programs. I will add a variety of other activities from the newest technology to yoga to day summer camps. The main gift is that children will come and find the books of interest and to have a place to enjoy them or to be able to have the experience of checking them out and returning them.
A library is a gift that every child should have and I am starting in Greece.


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