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Arise Children's Aid

managed by j. mukisa

About us

Arise children’s Aid is a Christian ministry in Uganda reaching out to orphans and vulnerable children; providing education, shelter, meals, clothing, livelihood support and many other needs. The aim of ACA is to foster care and rehabilitation for needy children to enable them live transformed & productive normal lives.

“…and thou shall raise the foundations of many generations and thou shall be called the repairer of the breach; the paths to dwell in...” Isa.58:12

To advocate for orphans and vulnerable children to deliver them from economic, social, spiritual and cultural bondages and through Christian love and care, rehabilitate them to live positive and productive normal lives

1. Promote continued participation of orphans and vulnerable children in the normal education system at all levels
2. support youths and children life skills training
3. support vocational educational initiatives
4. promote safe water access
5. Assist families of foster children to become more self sufficient
6. support construction, equipment and improvement of schools infrastructure
7. promote child rights awareness and community support for vulnerable children
8. support provision of quality health care for needy children
9. HIV/AIDS mitigation

Our programmes
Education support
ACA provides education support for vulnerable children giving them an opportunity to learn and dream. Our programmes aim to prepare each child who can access our services with the skills and knowledge required to assume adulthood, including activities that will make the community a better place.

Sustainable livelihood support
One of our stated objectives is to assist the families of foster children to become more self sufficient. To this end, we encourage foster families to start income generating projects, small businesses, crafts, and better agricultural productivity by providing short term training, start up tools & resources/raw materials which can allow them to become self reliant

Our aim is to help ease the pain of aids affected children and their families by providing food, shelter and basic care for aids orphans, spiritual counseling & prayer, medical treatment including aids – antiretroviral therapy, HIV/AIDS awareness.


kampala road

j. mukisa

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