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About us

K-MET, with its headquarters in Kisumu City, is a non- governmental organization registered in the Republic of Kenya under the Trustee Act in 1995.

K-MET was founded by a group of visionary professionals from diverse backgrounds headed by Professor Khama Rogo in 1995. From very humble beginnings, these professionals conceptualized and organized about what they could do to help uplift the health, education and development issues in the rural areas of Western Kenya. This area Western Kenya, has the worst health indicators, deploring educational standards, worst poverty levels and hence decreasing development levels by any standards.

It was against this background the visionaries thought it fit to look into the areas of helping promote health, educations and sustainable development under a motto banner of “Unity in diversity through shared concepts”

K-MET envisions communities with accessible quality reproductive health (RH) services where every child is wanted. The K-MET mission is to promote development in underserved communities through innovative health education programmes. The goal of the Trust is to integrate RH into core community development activities. Practicality and innovativeness are the core values that govern KMET activities.


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