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Compassion for Humanity Foundation

managed by L. Netek

About us

Children in Adawso.
Adawso a poor rural community with only three schools for 15,000 children.Each class has 60 to 70 children.
This making many children not to be in school as the classes are full and they can not be admitted.

Compassion for Humanity helps these children who are in school with daily classes in Adawso(within an Old post office building Donated by the Community).

At the center children are thought Maths, English, Computer, play games,reading and writing,painting and other activities.
Beside that, we offer them clean water during break time. Because they are not use to clean water drinking. They have to walk for one and a half or two hours to our center or to school. Sometimes children have to walk for 20 min to fetch dirty water from a stream, which they use for drinking as well as washing.

CHF offers children once a day a good meal, because there are a lot of children not eating enough nutritional food.

Some also do not attend school at all because their parents don't have the financial possibilities to care for them or buy them a school uniform,shoes,books ,school bags and other school supplies.

Since January 2011 we have a new project in Okorase a poor rural community near Koforidua.The Okorase project has 80 children registered and the number is still increasing every day.
As the center is new with the increase in number ,there are lot of challenges in terms of logistics to take good care of the children.As in Adawso we also want offer the children with food, water, educational materials, football, table tennis and other sporting materials.

Every day over 50 children visit for classes and other activities.
Besides that we also offer free Health Insurance for poor children.
The Project is to help .
1.Give 30 children free Health Insurance.
2.100 school uniforms and exercise books for children ready to be in school.
3.A wooden roof structure for multipurpose ,where children could sit,read,play and also for entertainments in Okorase.
4.Tables and chairs.



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L. Netek

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