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Hope in the village

managed by D. Lumu

About us

Hope in the village’’HITV’’ is a church founded organization which was founded by pastor Juliet Kiwanuka to help the disadvantaged children and elderly people. But due to financial problems the pastor decided to drop the project and i decided to pick up the project since i had a heart of helping the needy children [orphans] and elderly people and after looking at what these children were going through say walking long distances to school, having one meal a day or even non, HIV victims could hardly afford medication for their treatment and i saw all these problems i decided to help these children from the little money i was getting. Being a gospel artist, song writer and other small personal businesses i decided to continue with the vision my mum had started [pastor].
Under this project there are 53 children, am taking care of though the school has more than 120 children who are all of a school going age, some being in nursery, baby class and primary. I have been paying there school fees, providing them with some of the basic necessities such as books, pens, clothes, food at school etc.I have done this for 5 years now and in order to help these children I couldn’t do it alone, because i know there some good people who love to support children so that we can make a change in these people’s lives. I had come up with some small scale projects plans or programmes which we can do to keep running our organization, some projects are on the start such as school construction, crop growing, live stock farming and tree planting,children choir and African art and crafts. But due to insufficient funds we are un able to carry on with same of the projects but if we get funds we would modify on already existing projects and also come up with other projects which projects would help better the lives of these children and the community.HITV is involved in bringing healing to the community by providing special care for orphaned and vulnerable children.these children need school materials like books,desks,shoes,uniforms,chairs, school fees, food at school to mention a few,u can give as many or little as you can,i know TOGETHER WE CAN DO THIS TO HELP FOR A BRIGHTER FEATURE so Please sponsor a life, make a difference and be a blessing to the vulnerable children. Thank you.

Yours truly,
David Richards Lumu